Quick Lunch and To-Do List Update

Super-quick lunch today! I just pulled out a couple handfuls of my already-prepared salad mix, opened a can of tuna, mixed it with a tablespoon of light mayo (can’t eat tuna without it) and added some grape tomatoes. For a dressing, I just used my olive oil/red wine vinegar mix, again already prepared:

Oh, how I love Clean Eating!!! Since diving full-force back* into this style of eating, my food choices and preparation have been so simple this week. Seriously, they could not be easier! Oh, and I did sneak on the scale this morning and it was down (which is practically a miracle for me!), but I’m waiting until Saturday to see if it sticks. *Back in 2002, I ate very clean foods and totally transformed my body (I might show those photos one day, but the beginning shot is pretty horrifying). This was before the Eat-Clean books were published, I believe, since Tosca Reno did not invent clean eating; however, she is definitely a powerful force that has made it a mainstream lifestyle and has a wonderful and inspiring presence.

So, now you know where I spend a good portion of my day when either I have to get a lot done or the weather isn’t nice and sunny. In the case of the latter, I’m out on the deck using my laptop :)

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