Took the day off

Today I took the day off from work (and all computer-related addictions activities) to go to The Big E with my family. Even though we probably walked 10 miles, for every foot of those miles, we were bombarded with the most unhealthy foods on the planet. From sausages and corn dogs to fried pork skin and fried pickles. You name it, they have it! And while I only splurged on french fries and ice cream, I’m feeling kind of gross at the moment. So, sorry kids, no food pics today.

And btw, all of my weekend eats were pretty much status quo.

And because I don’t want to post without a photo, I suppose now is a good time for posting what I bought at the grocery store along with our meal plan for the week. Oh, and the little one has stopped whining from the couch, so I have a couple of minutes as well.

Here’s the loot (about $60 worth, plus got back $7.50 to use on anything in a future order) and (ps, sorry for the crappy pics. I just wanted to get the groceries away:))

There was a special on Old El Paso products, which I like to use on taco salads and such. I just buy the shells and tortillas. Not the healthiest (the packaged spices will be dropped off at the food bank; I just got them because they were free), but this batch will probably last us the next year, and they’re good to have on-hand for a quick meal. The Spongebob pkg is individually-wrapped snack pkgs of frozen edamame. Yes, pkging waste, but if my kid eats them, I’m happy.

I also spent about $12 at the farmstand and purchased carrots, yellow peppers, brussel sprouts, eggplant, green beans, apples, organic kale (YEAH!!!), and celery for the week. I’m definitely going to need to purchase some more salad greens because I ate most all of them this past weekend, and we’ll need more milk, too; however, I think I’m going to have a few extra things left over to at least cover me in the dinner veggie dept. through the beginning of next week.

Here’s the dinner plan:

Friday: Maple Orange Chicken, brown rice, yellow beans

Saturday: Homemade pizza with homemade whole wheat crust

Sunday: Chicken Sausage, Peppers and Onions, sandwich for DH and one sausage with veggies and Kale Chips for moi

Monday: Ha! NOTHING since we pigged out at The Big E!!! Gross.

Tuesday: Salads with grilled chicken and homemade croutons, maybe some of Alison‘s Black Bean soup on the side so that I have leftovers for lunch this week

Wednesday: Smoky Black Bean & Cheddar Burritos <– Any ideas for a side with this? (I’ll probably have kale chips again, but what about DH and his little twin who won’t eat those?)

Thursday: Out to eat

Breakfasts for me are usually oatmeal (obviously!) and sometimes eggs with toast. C will usually eat some cheerios with milk, maybe some ww pancakes, or even an egg. My lunches will probably soups and salads all week, and C will eat pb&j with cucumbers and a yogurt on the side on school days. The other 2 days she usually eats lunches with my mom or MIL. J (DH) eats breakfasts and lunches outside the house during the week, and on the weekends I make him egg sandwiches for breakfast. He will make something quick for himself for lunch.

I’m really trying to find a decent balance between non-processed/processed and organic/non-organic foods and meals while not breaking the bank. It’s definitely tough when the markets are literally willing to give the crap away for free! I think I did ok this week. The only dinners that have processed foods are the chicken sausage (which was organic/all natural), the cheese for the chicken and burritos, and the bread I’ll use for the croutons.

And this beauty is FINALLY awaiting me tonight once C goes to bed:

We ordered it at the beginning of MAY, and tonight will be the first time we get to use it!!! It took forever to get the patio down because we were living in a rainforest Massachusetts in June. Then, the first one was delivered with a crack in it at the end of July, which meant we had to wait for a new one to be manufactured. The new one was delivered 2 weeks ago, and J just finished the electrical last night and filled it up. After all that walking today, my feet are going to be in heaven in about 20 minutes!!!

Great Deal on [me]&Goji Mixes: $25 for $10

Just head on over to Jasmere for this current deal. Jasmere is offering a $25 [me]&Goji Voucher for just $10!!! I have been dying to try this Mix-your-Own Custom Cereal for ages, but the price was a bit high for me. So, I’m totally jumping on this!

Shipping will be about $4.99 for the first tube and just $.99 for each additional tube, and if a bunch of us order, the voucher price may go even lower!!!

Not sure what Jasmere is? Check out an explanation here.

Also, this deal only lasts for about 3 hours so HURRY UP!!!

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