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Go In For Shoes, Come Out With Health Food

The Mr. and I normally go out for a meal and a beer every Thursday night. It makes us feel young again (haha!) and allows us to talk without being interrupted by the constant Stewie-esque, “Mom, mama, ma, mommy, mom…”. Last night, however, The Mr. needed to work on putting the brakes back in his truck (kind of necessary), so Little Miss C went on our way to look for Mother’s Day gifts, a birthday gift for The Mr.-in-Law, and new sandals for C, since her current ones from last year are digging into her ankles pretty badly. As C put it, it was “just us girls” out on the town last night.

We went to Kohl’s first and got most things we needed, but I wanted to check Marshall’s for her sandals. We went in for shoes and came out with these beauties!

Some Dr. Kracker flatbreads! I’ve been dying to try these, but they only had 2 flavors there. I’ve never seen them in any of the markets where I usually shop. They were $4.99/ea. Not sure how that compares to the normal price. I can’t wait to incorporate these into some meals this weekend (notice both are open. I samples both flavors :) )

Some Nana’s Cookie Bites for Miss C. I love that these are Vegan, no refined sugars or dairy, and they’re individually wrapped! Perfect for her school lunch, and much better than the large Strawberry-shaped sugar cookie with the colorful frosting about which she asked, “Is this healthy, mom? This is healthy, right?”

And another goodie for C: Healthy Times Cookies. Just a little something for her to munch on when she’s looking for something. Not as good as fruit, but certainly better than the dreaded Fruit Roll-ups or Yogos!!

Marshall’s had lots of other great organic, healthy finds! Lots of bars, similar to Kind, pure maple syrup, fruit preserves and jams, etc. I’ve bought some foods there before, but I never noticed a separate little “healthy” section, so this was a great surprise for me.

And then we made our way home. It was way past our usual dinner time, so it was a “fend for yourself” meal. Here’s mine:

A bunch of leftovers. Lots of overcooked beans that approached the either eat ‘em or throw ‘em stage, about 4 oz of leftover chicken breast (rubbed with s&p, garlic powder and poultry seasoning, then grilled the night before), and a microwaved sweet potato.

Despite the four bathroom breaks we took in the 90 minutes we were out shopping, it was a great little night for me and C! I love spending time with her :)

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Eating Clean Goes To P-Town! – The Preparation

Soon The Mr., Little Miss C and I will be going on a little adventure to one of our most favorite places in the world, Race Point Beach in Province town, MA. For those of you who have never been to nor heard of Provincetown, or P-Town!, it’s basically the gay capital of the Northeast. Dare I say it’s magical? I’m not sure why, but as soon as you enter Provincetown, all worries and inhibitions go right out the window (and probably some clothing goes out the window for some of the visitors as well). Maybe it feels so freeing because it’s pretty confined, being that it is the very tip of Cape Cod, and the only reason you’re there is because you want to be. There’s no just “passing through on your way” to somewhere else. The beaches are beautiful, the people are kind (and sometimes a little wacky – which I love! Can you say “hello, fishnets and purple boas on men?!?!” LOVE it!), the nightlife is crazy, and the restaurants serve some wonderful food.

How do I plan to Eat-Clean while on vacation?

Well, the first success factor is that I’m actually planning what I’ll be eating, for the most part. We are staying in a hotel room that only has a mini-fridge. We will not have a stove or a microwave or any way to heat our food while at the hotel (there may be a microwave in the hotel office, but I’m not really sure). We will be living out of our coolers, for the most part. Thank god for free hotel ice!


We will most likely NOT be eating at a restaurant for breakfast. The Mr. will most likely get a muffin at the coffee shop. I will pack some cereal for Little Miss C. For me, I’m planning on bringing 1 dozen hard-boiled eggs to eat with whole wheat bread and some Chobani to eat with raw oats and fruit. I may even make some overnight oats!


Normally, we buy sandwich fixings and have soggy sandwiches on the beach for lunch, but this year, we are planning on bringing our portable grill, after drooling over the food our beach neighbors were cooking last year. I think the grill will certainly help with keeping me in check with my clean eating during the day. I’m going to marinate some chicken and steak to grill along with some peppers and onions.


We will definitely be eating dinner out at a restaurant each night we’re there. I’m not too worried about this. There are so many seafood options available, I’m sure I can make some good decisions to keep my meals fairly clean.


Snacking will definitely be tough for me. I will have extra Chobani and hard-boiled eggs. I’m also bringing some apples and string cheese, since they travel well and Little Miss C loves both. I’m going to try my Shakeology this week without the blender to see how I like it, and if that works for me, I’ll bring some individual packets along for the ride. In theory, these snacks all sound great, but when I’m walking through town, I know I’ll be tempted by the homemade ice creams and fudge and Portugese Fried Dough.


I’m not really sure what I’ll be doing for exercise. The plan is to bring my bands and worksheets so I can keep up with my ChaLEAN Extreme, but I’m really only going to miss one CLX workout if I can squeeze one in before we leave in the morning. I know I’ll be walking at least 5 miles each day (going into town and back is 2 miles). I’m hoping to just do a bit of strength training in the room to keep me honest. We’ll see. I’m not going to be too hard on myself as long as my eating stays clean.

Even though I will be limited, I don’t think it’s an excuse to not follow my Eat-Clean ways. P-Town is a very health-conscious town, and I can be very successful if I plan and commit.

Took the day off

Today I took the day off from work (and all computer-related addictions activities) to go to The Big E with my family. Even though we probably walked 10 miles, for every foot of those miles, we were bombarded with the most unhealthy foods on the planet. From sausages and corn dogs to fried pork skin and fried pickles. You name it, they have it! And while I only splurged on french fries and ice cream, I’m feeling kind of gross at the moment. So, sorry kids, no food pics today.

And btw, all of my weekend eats were pretty much status quo.

And because I don’t want to post without a photo, I suppose now is a good time for posting what I bought at the grocery store along with our meal plan for the week. Oh, and the little one has stopped whining from the couch, so I have a couple of minutes as well.

Here’s the loot (about $60 worth, plus got back $7.50 to use on anything in a future order) and (ps, sorry for the crappy pics. I just wanted to get the groceries away:))

There was a special on Old El Paso products, which I like to use on taco salads and such. I just buy the shells and tortillas. Not the healthiest (the packaged spices will be dropped off at the food bank; I just got them because they were free), but this batch will probably last us the next year, and they’re good to have on-hand for a quick meal. The Spongebob pkg is individually-wrapped snack pkgs of frozen edamame. Yes, pkging waste, but if my kid eats them, I’m happy.

I also spent about $12 at the farmstand and purchased carrots, yellow peppers, brussel sprouts, eggplant, green beans, apples, organic kale (YEAH!!!), and celery for the week. I’m definitely going to need to purchase some more salad greens because I ate most all of them this past weekend, and we’ll need more milk, too; however, I think I’m going to have a few extra things left over to at least cover me in the dinner veggie dept. through the beginning of next week.

Here’s the dinner plan:

Friday: Maple Orange Chicken, brown rice, yellow beans

Saturday: Homemade pizza with homemade whole wheat crust

Sunday: Chicken Sausage, Peppers and Onions, sandwich for DH and one sausage with veggies and Kale Chips for moi

Monday: Ha! NOTHING since we pigged out at The Big E!!! Gross.

Tuesday: Salads with grilled chicken and homemade croutons, maybe some of Alison‘s Black Bean soup on the side so that I have leftovers for lunch this week

Wednesday: Smoky Black Bean & Cheddar Burritos <– Any ideas for a side with this? (I’ll probably have kale chips again, but what about DH and his little twin who won’t eat those?)

Thursday: Out to eat

Breakfasts for me are usually oatmeal (obviously!) and sometimes eggs with toast. C will usually eat some cheerios with milk, maybe some ww pancakes, or even an egg. My lunches will probably soups and salads all week, and C will eat pb&j with cucumbers and a yogurt on the side on school days. The other 2 days she usually eats lunches with my mom or MIL. J (DH) eats breakfasts and lunches outside the house during the week, and on the weekends I make him egg sandwiches for breakfast. He will make something quick for himself for lunch.

I’m really trying to find a decent balance between non-processed/processed and organic/non-organic foods and meals while not breaking the bank. It’s definitely tough when the markets are literally willing to give the crap away for free! I think I did ok this week. The only dinners that have processed foods are the chicken sausage (which was organic/all natural), the cheese for the chicken and burritos, and the bread I’ll use for the croutons.

And this beauty is FINALLY awaiting me tonight once C goes to bed:

We ordered it at the beginning of MAY, and tonight will be the first time we get to use it!!! It took forever to get the patio down because we were living in a rainforest Massachusetts in June. Then, the first one was delivered with a crack in it at the end of July, which meant we had to wait for a new one to be manufactured. The new one was delivered 2 weeks ago, and J just finished the electrical last night and filled it up. After all that walking today, my feet are going to be in heaven in about 20 minutes!!!

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