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Time To Get This Party Started

I’m not really sure where my weekend went. At all. It’s all just a blur to me right now. Saturday was spent doing errands followed by me getting sick, and Sunday was spent getting Little Miss C all dolled up for her dance photos. She didn’t do much smiling at the studio; however, as soon as we got home, she was all for a little photo shoot in the front yard.

We started out all prim and proper:

I hate wasting food (especially farm-fresh egg yolks!)! I put every egg yolk into a large freezer bag and put a mark with a sharpie for each yolk I add. I store them in the freezer until I find a recipe that calls for just yolks. It’s not often that I need them, but when I do some indulgent baking, I seem to always need just the yolks, and I’ve found this is a great way to save them.

Meal 2: Pan-seared scallops (3) with some Mango Israeli Couscous

Meal 3: Large salad with chicken breast, olive oil and vinegar, pear

Meal 4: Chicken Breast, 1/2 sweet potato, cukes and tomatoes

My fourth meal was kind of late in the day after doing lots of yard work (will have photos later today to show the project I’m working on). I don’t believe that honey or cheese are allowed on the Cooler 1 Meal plan, but the amount I used was so minimal, I’m okay with that.

Yesterday was my last day of my P90X second recovery week (that means I’ve finished 8 weeks of the 13 week program), so there was no scheduled workout. That’s not to say that I didn’t stay active! We did a lot in the yard. Today, I start Week 9. I’m late to the party since I’ve normally already exercised and showered by this time, so it’s time to get this party started! Week 9, Chest & Back, along with Ab Ripper X, here I come!