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Quick Lunch and To-Do List Update

Super-quick lunch today! I just pulled out a couple handfuls of my already-prepared salad mix, opened a can of tuna, mixed it with a tablespoon of light mayo (can’t eat tuna without it) and added some grape tomatoes. For a dressing, I just used my olive oil/red wine vinegar mix, again already prepared:

Oh, how I love Clean Eating!!! Since diving full-force back* into this style of eating, my food choices and preparation have been so simple this week. Seriously, they could not be easier! Oh, and I did sneak on the scale this morning and it was down (which is practically a miracle for me!), but I’m waiting until Saturday to see if it sticks. *Back in 2002, I ate very clean foods and totally transformed my body (I might show those photos one day, but the beginning shot is pretty horrifying). This was before the Eat-Clean books were published, I believe, since Tosca Reno did not invent clean eating; however, she is definitely a powerful force that has made it a mainstream lifestyle and has a wonderful and inspiring presence.

So, now you know where I spend a good portion of my day when either I have to get a lot done or the weather isn’t nice and sunny. In the case of the latter, I’m out on the deck using my laptop :)

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My P90X Results and Review

Even though P90X is taking the world by storm these days, I had heard very little about it when I decided to start the program. I was in the worst shape of my entire life, I weighed about as much as I did when I gave birth to Little Miss C, and I was completely depressed because of this. I didn’t have a real plan or any expectations; I just knew I needed to do something. Anything. Whatever I did was going to be better than what I was currently doing…which was absolutely nothing.

A few friends on Facebook were posting about doing P90X, so I decided to get a copy and join them. I started right away, and I committed to completing the full 90 days NO MATTER WHAT! I had nothing to lose. I would take it one day at a time, and I would not get discouraged by my results; I would see it through to the end because there was no way in hell that I wouldn’t be better off than I was in the beginning.

I woke up each morning at 6:30am, and I was pushing play by 7:00am. It was not easy. Some days I didn’t want to do it, but in my mind, I didn’t really have a choice. So, I just pushed play and 5 minutes into it everything was fine. By the end of the video, I was pleased with myself for completing it, and I would go on with my day with a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Every workout was tougher than just about anything physical I’d ever done in my life, and I would be dripping with sweat and breathing heavy.

After 30 days, I had lost 4 lbs. WHAT? I’ve been getting up early and working harder than ever, eating all clean foods, and I’ve only lost 4 stinkin’ pounds?!?!? I was seriously ready to quit. And then I looked at my photos. There was a pretty significant difference compared to my starting photos, but I was still looking like a Pillsbury Dough Girl. Okay, I thought, this is sort of working so I’m just moving forward. It was almost as if I just did it blindly and trusted that something good would happen at the end. I also used the P90X Facebook Page to keep motivating myself and others. I found that I really enjoyed helping others with the process.

After 60 days, I had lost another pound. Okay, just keep moving forward. On day 68, I took some more photos to keep me motivated, and I was pleased with the results. Only 22 more days to go. During those 22 days, I lost another 7 lbs.

I hit day 90 and took some photos, and I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was completely amazed at my results. Granted, I put a lot of work and effort into this program, but the results definitely showed this. I had built some nice muscle all around, and that pack of hot dogs under my bra was GONE! I’m not yet where I want to be, but I’m well on my way.

It’s pretty safe to say that P90X changed my life! I am a much more positive person than I was 90 days ago. That alone was worth the time and effort. I’m more motivated to make my health and life the best it can be. I can’t thank Tony Horton and this program enough. My journey has just begun, and I’m very excited to see what’s in store for me.

My Final Results in Numbers:

Pounds Lost: 12

Inches Lost: I have no idea. I never took my measurements, unfortunately; however, I am down at least one size in pants. The pants that were slightly tight on me when I started can be put on and off without unbuttoning them.

Body Fat % Lost: 6%

Some final thoughts and advice for those considering P90X:

This is not an easy program. It’s hard work, but if you stick with it, the results will be well worth the effort.
I was not in good shape when I started, but I was able to modify everything until I could complete each workout. Do Your Best and Forget the Rest. Simple as that.
If you are in great shape, you will probably see results like the infomercial. If you have lots of fat to lose, you will certainly lose some of it during the program, but you will have to continue on with another P90X round or switch it up with another program.
TAKE YOUR PHOTOS and MEASUREMENTS! I can’t stress this enough. The scale is a horrible indication of results on this program due to muscle growth. Don’t step on the scale for the first 30 days, and when you do step on it, just know to expect nothing earth-shattering.
Most of the results will come in the last 30 days. This was true for me, and from what I’ve seen from others, it was true for them.
So, what am I doing now?

I’m currently doing a hybrid of ChaLEAN Extreme (which is a strength-training program, but totally different than P90X) and Turbo Jam. My goal is to keep the muscle I built during P90X, while continuing to burn off more fat to make the muscles more visible. Once Turbo Fire is released on June 18, I will start incorporating it into my rotation. If you’d like to follow my progress and get a daily dose of motivation, follow me on Facebook.

Are you interested in P90X, ChaLEAN Extreme or Turbo Jam?

I love the Beachbody products so much, and I am such a believer that they are life-changing, I became a Beachbody Coach while doing P90X. Initially, I became a coach for the great discount on all the products, but I soon learned that I could help others get in shape while keeping myself motivated, too. I am currently an Emerald Coach working my way up to Diamond!

If you are interested in any of their programs, or just using their meal plans, FREE online workout tracker called WOWY, and talking with others about the programs on the message board, sign up for your FREE membership on my coaching page here. I send out FREE samples of Beachbody products to those I coach, so that’s motivation to sign up Laugh

If you are interested in learning more about the Coaching opportunity and getting fit both physically and financially, please let me know and I’ll be happy to send you some information.

There is so much more to be said about P90X, but this post is getting pretty lengthy. In the future, I will do a disc-by-disc review if anyone is interested.